Feb 7, 2006

2Modern is an on-line furniture store with a lot of style. Based in Mill Valley, 2Modern carries a bunch of wonderful designers.

The prices are shocking, but the pieces do seem fresh. The company carries everything from furniture to lighting to art so spend a little time on the website and see what goodies they've got.

We like the Blu Dot Hot Rod Bed ($495), which comes in a few good colors.

we also dig the Moxbox Dresser, although at $3400, we don't know if our tee-shirts and socks are worthy. Their Mebel Furniture line's LL2 Lublin Lounge Chair is great, but will set you back over $3000.

A review of the store on Amazon says: "2Modern had the best stuff and by far exceeded the service level of the other online stores and were much less expensive than the storefront stores."

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