3 Easy Ways to Add a Little Extra Color to Your Home

3 Easy Ways to Add a Little Extra Color to Your Home

Nancy Mitchell
Sep 21, 2014
(Image credit: Chris Perez)

Maybe browsing through the beautiful spaces in our Room for Color Contest has inspired you to add a little color to your own space. Adding color can be intimidating, so we've picked out a few videos highlighting ways you can add easy, low-commitment color, for a quick dose of extra cheer.

Instead of painting a whole wall, how about painting just the inside of your front door (or any other door, for that matter)? It's a quick weekend project that will have a big, colorful impact.

If painting at all isn't an option for you, try this method for creating easy, colorful abstract art. Step-by-step instructions and photos are here.

In this old-school Color Cure video, Maxwell explores ways to add easily changeable color to your bedroom (or anywhere in your home). No commitment required.

Thanks for watching, and happy weekend!

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