Name: Mirjam and Paulus
Child's Name and Age: June, 3-1/2 years
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Size: house 475 sf over 3 floors; 42 sf bedroom

Favorite Source:
Thrift Stores!

What inspired you?

To create a warm, loving room we used things we shared a past with, that were saved (and in the case of the bed and 'commode' even made), by our parents and grandparents, from our own childhood, or family gifts.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

We had little money when we moved in here and quickly had to make two kids' rooms out of one. Also, we believe in earth-friendly, longtime solutions and recycling.The gorgeous wall colour was also a solution for the reappearing yellow stains of an old chimney leak. I work with vintage textiles and used some for decoration.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Great Tip:

Follow your heart and use what you love. Don't be too afraid of big furniture or bold colours in a small space. If you have a consistent colour scheme it will probably work out fine.