3 Surefire Alarm Clocks For the Perpetually Late

3 Surefire Alarm Clocks For the Perpetually Late

Range Govindan
Feb 17, 2012

If you're like us, you've probably struggled with getting out of bed on time without pressing the snooze button, which we find quite insidious, as very few of us make rational decisions a few seconds after their morning alarm sounds. Here are some of the ways you can ensure that you'll always be up once that pesky alarm sounds.

Ramos Alarm Clock
This is one of the most striking, steampunk-inspired alarm clocks that we've seen, especially if you get the Nixie Ramos. There's one really good feature that comes in all of the different models: the Defuse Panel. In order to stop the alarm clock from sounding, you'll need to enter a code into a wireless panel, that can be hung anywhere within 50 to 100 feet of the clock. Once you've entered it, the alarm stops. Apparently, the mental effort of concentrating on this task is supposed to wake you up fully. The Ramos Alarm clock is available through Kickstarter, and starts at $160 for the basic LED version. The Nixie Ramos will cost you $350.

Philips Wake Up Light
A tried and true solution for deep sleepers everywhere, the Philips Wake Up Light will simulate a gradual sunrise, which will promote the formation of hormones that, within 30 minutes, bring you to full wakefulness. While some users were skeptical initially, even our Re(al)view test proved that it's an effective way to get up in the morning. Once the process has started, there is no going back to bed. This alarm clock has significantly dropped in price since it was first released, and we've found some models available for $68, which is a lot cheaper than before.

Optimal Alarm Clock Placement
The cheapest way to ensure that you wake up in the morning, is to place your alarm further away from your bed, so that it's completely out of reach. A nearby desk would work well, or even in another room or inside your closet are interesting ways to ensure that you'll never miss your morning wake up call. Once you have to get out of bed to stop an alarm, we've found that we tend to wake up, even if we've pressed the snooze button.

The Most Evil Alarm Clocks Ever
Philips Wake Up Light

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