3 Tips for Using the New Apple Pages

With the recent update to Pages (Apple is providing the app for free with every new iOS device and Macs), more folks are using the word processing app more than ever. As a fan of Pages since its inception, I've gathered up a few personal tips for novice and expert users alike for getting the most out of using the word processor whether on iPad or Mac...

  1. Turn on Coaching. Confused by the new look of Pages? Tap on the question mark to turn on Coaching. This will provide overlay callouts that show what you can do with the various tools.
  2. Save to iCloud. If you use Pages on your Mac and save to iCloud, the next time you launch the iOS version of Pages your documents will be there on your device, right where you left off on your Mac. This is not the case if you're saving locally on your computer or in another location like Dropbox.
  3. Remember Style Changes. Unlike some of the other tools, Style (the little paintbrush) will show different options depending on what sort of object (if any) has been selected. Not seeing your text style options? Don't fret, it could be that another object was selected instead (like a shape or image).

Have you used the new version of Pages on your iOS device? What do you think?

(Image credits: Joelle Alcaidinho)