3 Ways to DIY a Ring Flash for Cheap

Using a ring flash makes a huge difference in flash photography which is why we are eager to add one to our kit. We've looked at budget options under $200 before, but what about when you only have a few dollars to spare? Here we present 3 inexpensive projects that with a little bit of time and creativity can garner you a ring flash for a very small amount cash.

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Beauty Dish Ring Flash: If you already own a flash and diffuser, follow Instructables user Lucasonline4's instructions to create your own ring flash with materials that cost only $1.

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CD Spool Ring Flash: PetaPixel shows you how to turn a plastic container like a CD spool container, aluminum foil, a Pringles chips can, and a handheld strobe light into a ring flash.

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Disposable Camera Ring Flash: Deviating from the DIY instructions that call for using the on-camera or stand alone flash, Instructables user Divet uses the flash units from multiple disposable cameras in this DIY ring flash.

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