#30 - Ron's Hotel "Sweet"

Name: Ron M.
Location: NYC
Size & Type: 300 sf Studio

Favorite resource: the flea markets and second hand stores, 100% without a doubt!

Pitch: i like to think of my space as a very well appointed hotel suite. situated in an old hotel, it has a bedroom, living, and office area as well as a bar in under 300 square feet. a cohesive color palate anchors the areas, keeping the space clean and organized with out feeling cluttered...

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Pitch Cont'd: lamps and mirrors are my number one way of making the space feel larger and a comfortable. thanks to every lamp being on a dimmer and mirrors put in every room. there is even a mirror in my kitchen and on the ceiling in the entry, as well as a floor lamp in the bathroom!

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Your favorite element: the architectural detailing in all of the moldings, the windows and the beams in the ceiling.

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