40 Tips, Tricks, and Projects About Paint

40 Tips, Tricks, and Projects About Paint

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 22, 2011

It's no secret that paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to fix up and makeover practically anything. We've collected tons of tips, tricks and inspirational ideas over the years, and now we're literally busting at the seams with ways to pretty up your parlor and thoughts on cleaning dried paint from your old brushes. Ladies and gentleman, this post covers it all—though possibly in two coats!

Are you looking for your next paint project? Having a tough time deciding what color to paint your bathroom? You've come to the right place! Check out the links below!

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5 Ways to Extend The Life of Your Paint Job

DIY Garland Made From Paint Swatches
8 Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint
DIY Idea: Paint Chip Orbs
Make A Coffee Can Spray Paint Holder
DIY Project: Update Your Boring White Dishes for $5
Give An Old Grill New Life With High Temp Paint
10 Common Thrift Store Finds For DIY Projects
Make Stairs Slip-Proof With Sand & Paint
DIY Faux Concrete Floor

Before & After: A Kitchen Transformed By Paint, Twice
Before & After: A Builder Basic Kitchen Updated With Paint
Jennifer's DIY Workspace & Home Office
Before & After: Spray Painting Bathroom Faucets
Before & After: Pretty Painted Leather
Before & After: A Two-Tone Bookshelf Makeover
Before & After: Black and White Stripe Linoleum Floor
Before & After: A Chic & Cheap Bottle Makeover
Before & After: Fence Facelift
Before & After: Grandma's Hutch Makeover
Before & After: A Revived Wooden Mirror

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Pixelated Artwork Made from Paint Chips
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Inspiration: Refresh Dining Chairs with COLOR!
Design Inspiration: Five Beautifully Painted Foyers
10 Stenciled & Painted DIY Floors That Make It Work!

(Images: Sarah Starkey)

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