#31 - Paullchik's Light Long Views

Name: Paullchik
Location: Hell's Kitchen, NYC
Size & Type: 560 sf One Bedroom Mini-Loft, 5th floor walkup

Favorite resource: Salvation Army.

Pitch: Great light and long views keep our converted railroad apartment from feeling claustrophobic. Moving the main door let us squeeze a nursery and entry into the back, while attention to sight lines and lots of interior glass gives these compact rooms a sense of space...

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Pitch Cont'd: The narrow middle contains a home office, his/hers/utility closets (with washer/dryer) and the kitchen. The large, “sunken” front room has 13’ high ceilings, an Empire State Building view, a hammock, and high bookshelves accessed from a rolling ladder. Careful arrangement allows the living, dining, master bed and, now, play areas to all share the space.

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Your favorite element: Custom woodwork (coffee table, bookshelves, closets and CD/stereo cabinets) made by our neighbor.

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