#31 - Peque & Papuchi Move Beyond Beige

(Note: We'll be posting more each day to fit in our 40 by Friday)

Name: Peque & Papuchi
Location: North Miami, Florida
Type: 2 bedroom house - owned

Why I use color:

I grew up in a beige home and when I got married I figured my home had to be beige too. For 13 years the walls and furniture were beige. A dear friend of mine and a wonderful designer opened my eyes to colors and helped me transform my home. It has made such a difference...

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2 Good color tips:

1 - When painting a wall with a warm color such as red or orange make sure to use a dark primer (grayish) first. It will help avoid a translucid look.

2- Flat paint, when using warm colors, covers the area better and you might not need as many layers as you would with a glossy paint.

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Favorite type and brand of paint:

Behr Premium Plus

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