#33 - Tim's Overlapping Spheres

Name: Tim/Irksomecushion
Location: New Haven, CT
Size & Type: 120 sf Dorm Room

Favorite resource: The streets of New Haven after Yale move-out

Pitch: I’ve spent the past year transforming the most unforgiving living situation, a college dorm, into a miniscule home. My 120 square feet contain many overlapping spheres — an art studio, a music room, a study, a bedroom, a living room, and a veritable technological command center — all while maintaining an aura of calm...

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Pitch Cont'd: This has required inventiveness, hard work, and a hawk’s eye for street-corner salvages; it has not, on the other hand, required any money (I am a college student, after all). I think I’ve managed to create a coherent, functional, and beautiful space out of otherwise disjunct elements.

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Your favorite element: Great moulding

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