#34 - StacygNYC31's Splashes of Color

#34 - StacygNYC31's Splashes of Color

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 24, 2007

Name: stacygNYC31
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Type: 2BD loft rental

Why I use color:

Splashes of color -- in my case, reds, blues, greens -- give dimension to a space and help center it. They add life to an apartment and give it a kind of freshness...

Especially in a big, open loft space like this. Since I like white on my walls, I decided to incorporate soft colors through my furniture and other accessories. The couch is a baby blue with turquoise tones and works perfectly with my blue ikat fabric upholstered ottoman and my cream Louis XVI -style chair.

2 Good color tips:

1. If you're a color-phobe, which a lot of renters tend to be, you can inject color into your home through simple accessories. Pillows, vases, runners, candle holders, even plants -- all add nice splashes of color to your home.

2. Not all of your colors have to be from the same "family." Think of mixing colors in your home the same way you'd mix them in your wardrobe. Green can go beautifully with purple, even though they're opposites on the color wheel. Pink and blue also mix harmoniously.

Favorite type and brand of paint:

I recently tried Sydney Harbour's nontoxic paint in "Smooth" and absolutely loved it. Terrific, gorgeous paints that are totally green.

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