#35: Kevin and Nichola's Bright and Beautiful Bungalow

#35: Kevin and Nichola's Bright and Beautiful Bungalow

Mar 27, 2006

Name: Kevin and Nichola
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Size: 580 Sq/ft Bungalow

Favorite resource:

eBay. Enough said.

What inspired you?

After living in white-walled apartments for so many years, we really wanted a lot of color in our place so we painted each room a different color. We also wanted to complement the Southern California bungalow design with mid-century modern furniture, while at the same time incorporating some antique pieces we picked up in New England, for kind of a contemporary "lodge" feel.

Design Tip:

Search the Internet for affordable original artwork. There are a lot of artists out there that need support and it's always nice to have limited-edition prints or one-of-a-kind pieces on your walls.

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