#36- Jennifer's Feel Good Home

Name: Jennifer
Location: Nashville, TN
Type: One bedroom, owned

Why I use color:"I like using color to elicit different emotional reactions in different parts of my home. In the living room and dining area, energizing red keeps the party going, helps me get do 10 extra minutes of cardio, and stimulates the appetite. In the bedroom, cool periwinkle soothes the mind and helps me drift off to sleep. People tell me my home "feels" good, and I think this is because they are responding to the colors."

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2 Good color tips:

"Don't worry about matching the exact same shade of white throughout the room. Varying shades of white and cream look pretty together and keep a room from looking too planned and sterile."

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"If you're broke and you want a pulled-together look, paint your mis-matched furniture the same color. The pieces will look like they belong together, and no one will know that all of your furniture is from Goodwill."

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Favorite type and brand of paint:"I love Benjamin Moore. I recently painted all the furniture in my bedroom with high-gloss black paint, and now I'm obsessed with the glossy stuff. Gotta love that shine!"

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