#36 - Jenn & Chris’ Small Loft

Name: Jenn & Chris
Location: Chelsea, MA
Type: 680 Sq. Ft Loft, own

Why I use color:

Our small loft is painted a soothing, light blue/green color to create a relaxed environment. Being a small, open space, we chose to paint the far bedroom wall a complimentary deep burgundy color as a way to define space.

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2 Good color tips:

1. Complimentary colors work. Don’t be afraid to use two opposing color palettes. Work within the same hues and each color will enhance the look of the other.

2. Use color to define space. Even if you don’t paint an entire room, One wall of color can set the mood and drastically change the tone of your environment.

2 good color resources:

1. Being recently married; wedding magazines and web sites. They always showcase beautiful color palettes along with impact accent colors.

2. Artwork. An eye catching piece of art can often be the inspiration for your own home’s canvas.

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