#36 - Meg's Everything In One

Name: Meg (DovesInBk)
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Size & Type: 508 sf 1 Bedroom and office apartment rental

Favorite resource: My grandmother's attic, Anthropologie catalogues and flea markets.

Pitch: I am an artist who works from home and loves to entertain. Finding a place that could accommodate a studio space for my art, an office for my job, a place to sleep, cook, and entertain was nearly impossible...

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Pitch Cont'd: I ended up with a place that was more expensive than I had hoped and still only "meh". I have had to rely on color, my own two hands, and the generosity of my family for gifting me some really fantastic items to transform this into a comfortable space in which I can spend 99% of my time.

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Your favorite element: Vintage items inherited from my grandmothers.

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