#36 - Michelle & Brian Are Tired of White

Name: Michelle & Brian
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Type: 2 bedroom apartment, 900 square feet, owned, lived in for one year

Why I use color:

We are both homebodies, so it's important to us that our home be fun, relaxing and inviting. We also want to make the most of our 900 square feet and define different spaces with different feels and moods, and we want the whole space to reflect both our personalities and tastes.

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Sometimes, we use it to disguise strange architectural details, like using horizontal stripes to deflect attention from our oddly pointy living room and draw the angle into the room. Also, after years of renting, we're tired of white!

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2 Good color tips:

1. Test patches are your friend; you never know exactly how that little swatch will look on your wall. We love our home, but there are still rooms we want to re-paint because they turned out not-quite-right.

2. Walls are re-paintable. Bold colors, stripes, murals, whatever - if you want to try it, go for it.

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Favorite type and brand of paint:

We spent all our money buying this place, so whatever's cheapest at Lowes. Eventually, we want to re-do most of the rooms with YOLO and Fine Paints of Europe.

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