366 Days All At Once: 2012 Wall Calendars

When it comes to calendars, I think they're most helpful at opposite ends of the spectrum. There are planners that give lots of space to mark each day's events, and then, as in the case of the nine listed here, there are ones that give you a sense of all the good days coming that year.

Given that I have only ever committed to a planner as an overachieving high schooler, I'm much more fond of this latter type. When December rolls around, it always feels like the year just evaporated behind me — who knows where the time went? With this type of calendar, you get a good sense of the days' and months' progression (and you'll even get an extra day because it's a leap year). With these calendars in particular, you also get a pretty piece of art.

1. 2012 Floral Wall Calendar by Leah Duncan, $22
2. 2012 Calendar with Watercolor Wash by Oh My Deer, $9
3. 2012 Calendar - Kitchen Art Print by Anek, $35
4. 2012 Calendar, Home Sweet Home by Michelle Smith, $20
5. 2012 Poster Calendar, Large by Marukiko, $23

6. 2012 Geometric Calendar in Warm Grey/Yellow by Bold & Noble, $43
7. 2012 Garden Calendar Print by Rifle Paper Co., $20
8. Best Year Ever 2012 by Spread The Love, $20
9. 2012 Fabric Calendar by Lotta Jansdotter, $28

Images as linked above

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