#37- Robbie's Bright Cave

#37- Robbie's Bright Cave

Janel Laban
Oct 25, 2007

Name: Robbie
Location: Richardson, Texas
Type: 600 sq. foot studio loft

Why I use color:"Color gives me the inspiration to be more creative in life. I always choose a color based on how it makes me feel. I don't even care if two colors match in the same room because if they put me in a better mood then I find a way to make them work. Guests always tease me that I waste time and money painting my rented apartments but by they time they leave they are always asking for color tips. I'm a design student so naturally color is important in my space; it helps express who I am and what I like."

2 Good color tips:

"Pick out paint samples that put you in a better mood when you look at them. Bright colors do it for me. I usually pick out colors and set them on the counter and look at them for about a week. The colors I look at the most I set aside until I'm down to my favorite one by the end of the week. Don't be afraid to paint using a drastic color. Drastic color changes make you fearless about picking and choosing the right color. One thing to remember about paint is that if you don't like the color just change it. Sometimes for me it takes a few shades of the same color to get the right feeling I was wanting for that wall. "

"Lights really emphasize on the your colors. Try adding accent lights to make your paint stand out!"

Favorite type and brand of paint:"My favorite colors usually come from the Ralph Lauren Collection at The Home Depot. I have Wal-Mart match the color in their inexpensive paint brand. I ALWAYS use flat (matte) paint. There is no reason to spend a ton of money on painting a rental when you have to paint it back white at the end of the lease. "

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