#37 - Heather and Erik's Delightful Domicile

Name: Heather and Erik
Location: Richmond VA
Type: Two story home, owned

Why I use color:

Although my husband is color blind, color in our home is still important to him and to us. It feels safe, warm and complete. We consider ourselves fun loving and our home is an extension and an expression of our outlook on life.

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2 Good color tips:

The whole of our home is colored off of the fish painting in our living room. We found, and so should you, something that inspired us. Lucky it was a painting by my husband.

Along the same lines if a piece of clothing, a painting, a print, a piece of china is unfortgettable base your home around it and your home will be unforgettable as well.

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Favorite type and brand of paint:

We use Behr....HD is four blocks from our home.

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