#38- The Muscial Artist's High Energy Home

#38- The Muscial Artist's High Energy Home

Janel Laban
Oct 25, 2007

Name: The Musical Artist
Location: Shawnee, KS
Type: Rented one bedroom apartment

Why I use color:"I use color to express on the outside what I feel on the inside. I am very high energy and like loud expressions, eclectic design, and one-of-a-kind decorations. I have created most of my own art, or collected only the pieces that I felt could adequately fit with the design idea I was trying to create."

2 Good color tips:

"What you want can't be forced. I have always decided that I want an object, but held off patiently until that item stuck out to me for where I wanted to put it. I don't get something just to fill a space."

"Color needs to be balanced. Having enough warmth to counter-act the cool colors without overwhelming the overall feeling of the room is a careful calculated process that doesn't happen overnight."

Favorite type and brand of paint:"I use Valspar paint on the walls, and then for the art work that I have created adds the pop of color and balance that ties the room together"

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