#38 - Dixie's Vintage Carnival

Name: Dixie
Location: Bluebird Manor, Manhattan
Size: Approximately 580 s/f Studio

Favorite resource:

My décor could be called “stuff other people no longer want.” My favorite all-time resource are flea markets and the curb. Almost everything in my home comes from the 26th Street flea market, dumpsters or the sidewalk (save for my TV, parrots, and the trundle bed which is a show room sample I wheedled down to next to nothing).

What inspired you?

I’m drawn to things that are at once innocent and impertinent. I’m inspired by pre-code films of the 30’s where naughtiness and naïveté intersect. I also collect vintage carnival chalkware: objects intended as corny carny swag yet endured for decades despite their fragility.

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...While my decor speaks to my romanticism, my studio is also immensely pragmatic. I eat, sleep and work comfortably in the main room I share with 5 parrots and a dog. A room that might have housed my bed is instead a walk-in closet, enabling me to keep the main room open and clutter-free.

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Design Tip:

Listen to what speaks to you, other who speak. Only you know you always wanted to be a pirate, only you know you need lost of space to practice your rhumba.

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