Last minute gifts can be less stressful when you get your kids involved in the crafting process! Plus, anything made by a kid is tres adorable. We've collected four favorite DIY gifts that your mini assistant could help with.

1. First Words Book on Say Yes to Hoboken blog: Older kids can help pick out a few objects around the house to photograph and upload into a book for a baby or toddler gift.

2. Photo Snow Globes on Design Mom: Making your own snow globes gets even more fun when they're full of family photos. Kids will love helping pick out photos and creating a snowy scene inside.

3. Clay Ribbon Necklace on Momtastic: Clay is a wonderful way to entertain little ones and create a pretty accessory for Grandma in the process. Plus, pinching and poking is great exercise for their fine motor skills.

4. Painted Block Puzzle on Say Yes to Hoboken: Coming up with their own painted designs on blocks is a great activity for school aged kids and produces a fun gift to give a toddler.

(Images: 1. Say Yes to Hoboken 2. Design Mom 3. Momtastic 3. Say Yes to Hoboken)