#4 - Jake and Anne's Tudor City Treasure

Name: Jake & Anne
Location: New York , NY
Size & Type: 245 sq ft Studio

Favorite resource: Dwell, Ebay, lots of books (obviously)

Pitch: We've designed our apartment to be as open as possible. One side of the studio is a storage system that houses books, dressers, electronics and bar. The kitchen has open shelves above and a built-in wine rack. The bed is a murphy, and its nook is decoupaged with New Yorker covers...

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Pitch Cont'd: With a small apartment, it's important that things serve more than one purpose--our coffee table doubles as seating, the desk and dining table are one in the same, our door is a blackboard etc. Our aesthetic blends classic details, such as the picture rails and Venetian plaster, with modern sensibility.

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Your favorite element: The storage system. It serves as our bookshelves, our entertainment center, our dressers and our bar. Without it we'd be lost.

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