4 Kickstarter Products We Can't Wait to Own

4 Kickstarter Products We Can't Wait to Own

Mike Tyson
Sep 26, 2011

One of the most fun websites to check right now is Kickstarter. It's not only a great aggregator for new and inventive ideas for just about anything, it is a way for innovators to source support (be it monetary or otherwise) for their projects. And anyone who has started a Kickstarter campaign can tell you how much of a thrill it is to finally meet your funding goal and receive that green "Successful" notification on their page. We've collected some recent products which have soared beyond their funding goals that we would love to see come to the market since we're dying the own all of them!

GoPano Micro
This amazing lens device allows iPhone users to capture true 360 degree video. An obvious advantage would be to document landscapes and urban environments when traveling. But another excellent usage for this tool could be as a security monitor.

Finally.. we've been waiting for something like this for a very long time. SurfEasy is meant to be your foolproof solution to private, unlimited browsing on any internet connection or computer. All you need is the thin USB card that you can carry around easily in your wallet. Plug it into your computer and begin accessing the web through an encrypted connection. Also, none of your browsing history or passwords will be saved onto the computer. And since this unblocks restricted sites, SurfEasy could potentially become very popular with employees and students that face strict administrative firewalls that block sites such as Facebook.

Although the promotional video is a bit cheesy to say the least, the idea is very solid. If you're an iPad owner you probably have realized that the sound can easily be muffled if resting the device in your lap or against a pillow. The SoundJaw alleviates these concerns by scooping the sound forward, thus amplifying it and properly directing it in the process. It is a very simple mold that is about as unobtrusive as it can get. It snaps on and off the iPad as well so you don't have to leave it on there when it isn't needed.

At long last someone has come to their senses and has created a miniature trebuchet for our office desks. Nothing could be more enjoyable than firing all sorts of crap at our colleagues when working late into the night. If you're a cool boss you'd buy a few for the office and host office-wide tournaments! As an added bonus these trebuchets will come complete with 2 rubber balls to jettison up to 20 feet away. Also, speaking strictly from a design perspective, these trebuchets are impressively crafted requiring no glue or other adhesive methods. The wooden planks literally snap into place.

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