In small homes, we might more readily notice the small details. That's why we've pulled together these four accessories for use in the small home. Each is low-profile, good-looking, and useful. Take a look:

1: For the small bedroom or office: the Tolomeo Micro, pictured via CRJ Design.

2: The 4-outlet Outlets To Go power strip by Monster Cable is actually made for travel, but would also be very suitable for good-looking small space use. Complete with surge protection, this power strip is available in white or black for about $25.

3: A slim folding ladder for small-but-tall spaces is eminently handy. We like this Cosco Two Step Lite Solutions Folding Step Stool, pictured. Another source we like is Polder home tools.

4: A stylish, slim table can be handy at the bedside, as an end table or even a landing strip. We like the appropriately-named Slim series from Room and Board for its cool metal fabrication and fairly affordable pricing.