5 Mulch Ideas

Mulching the soil surface in your potted plants or garden does a lot more than provide a nice, finished appearance. Reasons to mulch and some alternatives to chipped wood below the jump:

Why mulch?

  • Mulching holds moisture in the soil. This can really help with potted plants, where small soil quantities can lose moisture quickly.
  • Mulch protects the earth from the sun, thus reducing weed growth.
  • A thick layer of mulch can actually insulate plants from freezing temperatures in winter gardens.

Some mulch ideas:

1 river rocks, via Centsational Girl
2 sea glass, like this from Maritime Girl's Etsy shop
3 seashells, via Eden Makers
4 colorful glass from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles' Make Your Own Succulent Garden
5 marbles, via Soul of the Garden (image by Tom Spencer)

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