4 Simple Reclaimed DIY Projects For This Weekend

By now it's obvious that we're big fans of doing things yourself and putting old items to use that might have otherwise been discarded. Recently we ran across the work of one man who's creating plans for simple shelving, media centers, tables and more that only require a few pieces of lumber and some empty bottles.

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Above we've pictured the work of Roy Schearer who is working on having zero waste in his home and life. You can check out his website here for more on his personal adventures, but right now I'd like to focus on these DIY furniture pieces that he's been so kind to share his plans for.

Each piece is assembled quickly with reclaimed wood (whatever you happen to have on hand or can drag home), empty bottles and a few small pieces of hardware. The results are slightly modern and slightly rustic and a whole lot of fun. You can see how each piece becomes more than "bottles and wood" when items are placed on the shelves.

I simply adore the coffee table and side table ideas. How great would it be to have flat pack furniture for your next move? All you'd need are a few empty wine crates to tote your bottles and the rest would pack right up!

Check Out The Tutorials For Each Project Above:
Large Shelving Unit
Customizable Kitchen Shelving
Modular Shelving Units
Reclaimed Coffee Table

Image: Instructables

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