4 Wardrobe Staples that Will Get You Through the "Sprintertime"

4 Wardrobe Staples that Will Get You Through the "Sprintertime"

Taryn Williford
Mar 30, 2016

It's almost spring, but every other morning feels like winter. There's a term for the time of year between March and May (that I may have just made up): It's called Sprinter, and it's the bane of your fashion existence. Until now.

A Breezy Scarf

An airy wrap is the perfect complement to warm-weather dressing that will give you some cover if the temps start to head south.

A Spring Jacket

The ideal jacket for this time of year is lightweight and water resistant–April showers aren't a myth.

Cropped Pants

The perfect goldilocks solution for when the days are warm but the evenings are chilly. Keeps legs covered but lets ankles fly freely.

A Summery Knit

A sweater with a loose weave or in a bright shade will read like spring but keep you warm like winter. Or try a sweater dress for that perfect in-between look.

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