3 Ways to DIY a Baseball Dresser

So, yeah, I never would've thought, but apparently there are plenty of people out there remaking dressers into baseball works of art. If you've got a baseball lover (or two) at home, check out what these inspired people did for the love of the game.

There are lots of ideas floating around the web for this style of dresser; we picked three we thought were particularly inspired. Which one is your favorite?

1. Anthropologie Baseball Dresser Knockoff from The Cottage Farmhouse

2. Baseball Style Dresser Re-Do from On My Creative Side

3. Subway Style Red Sox Dresser from Chase the Star

Are you enough of a sports lover to turn your furniture into shrines to your chosen athletic pursuit?

(Images: as linked above)

Before & After: Drab Dresser Makeover
Before & After: A Preppy Makeover for a Beat-Up Dresser
Before & After: IKEA Trondheim Madeover With O'verlays

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