4 Ways to Save: Reduce Your Electric Bill by $25 a Month

Real Simple

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These are EASY. No question, each of these tips could be implemented right away (or as soon as this weekend) and the savings are substantial. According to Real Simple, we could be saving $25 per month by giving these ideas a go...

Save $12 a Month: Use a Low Flow Showerhead to reduce the amount of water you need to heat. A low flow uses 2.5 gallons a minute vs. old models which use 7 gallons.

Save $4-6 a Month: Launder Everything in Cold. 90% of the energy used in a top loading washer is for heating the water.

Save $5 a Month: Regularly clean your heating or a/c filter and fan.

Save $4 a Month: Unplug electronics when not in use and use your laptop on a hard surface to prevent overheating.

These are just a few tips from a longer list at Real Simple. Click on over to check out the rest.

Photo: Old School Plug and Switch by zitherica at stock.xchng

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