#39: Lynne's Lovely Seattle Loft

#39: Lynne's Lovely Seattle Loft

Mar 29, 2006

Name: Lynne
Location: Seattle WA
Size: 560 Sq/ft 3-level Industrial Loft

Favorite resource:

Home design/decorating catalogs and magazines. West Elm, Ikea, Dwell, DWR

What inspired you?

Hotel rooms. I've always been attracted to the clean, uncluttered and efficient use of space found in boutique hotels in large cities and sought to create a similar environment at home. Any 'coldness' from the lack of personal effects needed to create an uncluttered small space can easily be offset with warm and cozy lighting.

The challenge to create new storage. I designed and installed a custom Ikea closet, a shoe cabinet behind the door in the bathroom and hung my handbags from hooks attached to the exposed beams in the loft area.

Design Tip:

Put every light on a dimmer! Instant glamour without expensive candles.

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