#39 - New York Guy's Serene Oasis

Name: New York Guy
Location: Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, NY
Size & Type: 600 sf One Bedroom Coop Apartment

Favorite resource: My friends' opinions

Pitch: I transformed my small apartment into a welcoming and serene oasis from the hectic city. Upon first seeing it in the middle of winter I instantly fell in love with its southern exposure and with how deep the sunlight penetrated it, but its main drawback and my biggest challenge was how to deal with a kitchen smack in the middle of my entrance and a decrepid one at that.

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Pitch Cont'd: I first took time furnishing my Living and Dining area while planning and designing a gut kitchen renovation that also provided a welcoming entrance to my apartment and I think it works!

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Your favorite element: The breakfast nook with the large lazy suzan below it.

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