41 Great Garden Paths for Inspiration


Do you have a plain jane backyard? Do you walk through perfectly planned gardens and wish you could just live there? Well, it just takes some imagination and a few ideas to start inventing a peaceful garden path of your own.

Sunset Magazine has put together 41 gorgeous garden paths to bookmark for this very purpose. There are lots of ideas with very different feels that you can pull from to create that ambience you have been searching for in your own backyard.

1. Create a lovely path by laying flagstone through a grassy area in an interesting pattern.
2. Add a modern feel to your yard with grass circles on a contrasting ground like pebbles.
3. If you could pull off a water element, incorporating a crossing within it would be divine.
4. A simple gravel path with walls of plush lavender would create a treat for all your senses.
5. Get all beachy inspired with a pure soft sand path to your dining area, porch, home or pool.

See All 41 Paths At: Sunset

(Images: Sunset)

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