#41: Jennifer's Fixed Up Bungalow

#41: Jennifer's Fixed Up Bungalow

Mar 30, 2006

Name: Jennifer
Location: Hollywood, CA
Size: 500 Sq/ft Bungalow

Favorite resource:

Every where, just always keeping my eyes open for things whether it's Ikea or little boutique stores.

What inspired you?

When I found this place it needed a lot of work but on a small budget I know knew I could make it my own, even with the ristrictions of being a renter.The kitchen floor was old worn out white lynoleum which I painted and ployeurothaned, many coats but I was able to achieve the look I wanted.

The patio was completely overgrown with weeds. Doing little things like putting new hardware on the cupboards make a big difference.

Design Tip:

Let your apartment refect you as an individual. Don't get too caught up in having it look like a show room, let it tell a story.

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