#42 - John & Anna's Old and New Rendezvous

#42 - John & Anna's Old and New Rendezvous

Janel Laban
Oct 24, 2006

Name: John and Anna
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Type: 2 bedroom rental

Why we use color: We use color to create a space we feel inspired being in.

2 good color tips:

1. Don't be afraid of white, it can be as powerful as the brightest yellow or deepest red. We like to use it against color to convey a clean look that pops.

2. Don't pull things directly from this year's newest catalog or you might feel a outdated in 6 months to a year. Mix and match newest trends with colors and objects you've loved since you were a kid.

2 good color resources:

1. Flickr! So much inspiration; reach places unknown to you, discover the way others see the world, and appreciate the juxtaposition of things you wouldn't normally think of

2. Nature, it's always changing so you shouldn't get bored and it offers color choices that can stand the test of time.

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