#52 - Janet's Payne-less High Rise

#52 - Janet's Payne-less High Rise

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 29, 2006

Name: Janet Moore & The Paynes
Location: Chicago, IL
Size: 625 s/f Studio in a Mid-Century High-rise

Favorite resource:

Off the Wall Beds for murphy beds in Lincolnwood, Illinois!

What inspired you?

The Inspiration for the design of this Mies van der Rohe apartment was to emphasize the building's original mid-century aesthetic. All interior walls were removed, making the vast expanse of glass 60' long, floor to ceiling the dominant design element.

...The interior structural columns were highlighted by bold black paint and left unadorned. The original metal heaters and cabinets were stripped and electromagnetically painted a deep red.

Design Tip:

The best design tip for this space is the Murphy bed (really very comfortable). It is built of the same silver laminate as the adjoining closets and so completely blends in. When closed, it allows the entire apartment to be opened for entertaining, work, or just a bit of breathing room!

The translucent blinds open the space further by allowing views and light to pass through while offering shade and privacy.

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