5 Artful Uses for Ceiling Medallions (That Don't Go on the Ceiling)

5 Artful Uses for Ceiling Medallions (That Don't Go on the Ceiling)

Taryn Williford
Feb 24, 2016

As Shakespeare would say (if The Bard was writing for Apartment Therapy): What's in a name? A ceiling medallion mounted on any other surface would look as beautiful. So try not to get so hung up on the "ceiling" part of the label. There are a few other ways to use these intricate architectural features to dress up your vertical surfaces. Just check out these DIY projects.

At top, ceiling medallions used to adorn a pair of closet doors, with a tutorial from One Kings Lane. And just above, a similar look from Martha Stewart.

(Image credit: Miki Duisterhof)
(Image credit: Mark Lund)

Medallions can be used as a piece of art, too, as seen here on Christina's Adventures. Or in multiples, like from Lonny and HGTV.

It's a little early for the holidays, but bookmark this idea to try out a medallion as a modern wreath, seen here in Christmas and Halloween editions from This Old House and Better Homes & Gardens, respectively.

(Image credit: Deco Art)

A ceiling medallion can be modified into a mirror, like here with a tutorial from DecoArt.

(Image credit: Joh Gruen)

And finally, you can use a medallion as the base for a DIY side table or nightstand, just follow these instructions from This Old House.

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