Dashes of gray and pink, streaks of yellow and orange — these well-placed bursts of color make for some artsy and glamorous rugs. They're a nice change from stripes and flowers, and a smart way to add a creative vibe to your home.

I can see one working especially well in an otherwise minimal room, complimented by graceful, clean-lined wood furniture. Then again, with so many colors in each rug, there are plenty of options for coordinating drapes, throw pillows, and blankets.

1. Twinkle Living's gorgeous Lashscape Rug features a hip color combo and a variety of shapes. $1302 at Design Public.
2. Anthropologie's fanciful Fireworks Rug would look great in a foyer. $78 - $1098 at Anthropologie.
3. The unique, eco-friendly Fetish rug by Peace Industry is muted enough for the master bedroom. $1715 at Peace Industry.
4. Interlocking yellow shapes on a white field are cheery and fashionable. Dead End Rug $299 - $599 at CB2.
5. A stunning kaleidoscope rug by artist Fiona Curran. Palette Rug, price upon request at The Rug Company.