What's black and white and fun all over? Your next home office re-design! The classic combo is sophisticated, luxurious, and professional, yet still can offer a welcoming personality. Plus, this contrasting clean slate lets your work and your gear—like a larger-than-life iMac screen—take center stage.

You'll notice that few of these are actually compact workspaces tucked into other rooms. When you're struggling to squeeze an office space into a bedroom or kitchen, it helps to keep the color scheme consistent. Black and white is a sharp neutral base that lets you have fun with textures and bright-colored accessories (some examples of black and white in other rooms throughout the house here).

  • Deborah at A Merry Mishap pulls together polka dots, a fur throw and our favorite screen saver.
  • A mood board in shades of gray plays off the stark contrast of everything else in this compact office, from Nina Holst at Stylizmo.
  • Geometric shapes and lots of playful colorful accessories, from Casa de Valentina.
  • This desk from Charlotte at A Merry Mishap uses typographic prints in our favorite color combination to make a statement.
  • This closet workspace from KariAnne of Thislewood Farms combines black and white with natural brown hues.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

If the black and white combination isn't your bucket of paint, and you're looking too add, not subtract color in your home office life, here are a few more workspace paint and color topics from our archives:

(Images: As linked above; Matthew's Sculptural Home Office)