5 Comfortable Hand Straps for Your DSLR

5 Comfortable Hand Straps for Your DSLR

Jeff Heaton
Sep 5, 2011

We've discussed finding the perfect strap and some of the best camera slings, but we haven't touched on the other method of camera schlepping: hand straps. They're great if you don't want to carry a bag, want to shoot one handed or just want more support in holding your massive shooter. We've actually got ours rigged up with our camera sling for the ultimate combo of strap-age.

Camdapter (see above)
Camdapter straps come in four flavors: Pro, Premium Pro, CamStrap and CoolStrap. The ProStrap and Premium ProStrap are for dSLRs and the CamStrap and CoolStrap are for point and shoots or accessories. The Pro is nice and wide, covering your whole hand. The Premium Pro is the same size but comes in a bevy of interesting materials like Ostrich Knee (Ostrich Knee?) and Python. Some also appear to be bedazzled. The Camdapter straps attach to your camera by tripod mounts that have been modified for strength. If you're already into a system by say Arca, you can buy a Camdapter strap that works for that.
$15-$55 + mount (dependent on material) Camdapter

If you've got a Canon or a Nikon camera the company that makes your camera already sells a hand strap for it. The difference between the two is largely price and connection method. The nikon, like most hand straps, connects right into the tripod socket of your camera. It also costs $84, more than most straps. Canon's, by comparison, connects to cameras that have the added battery attachment that comes with a grip. It's also $15, so a good price by itself, but if you include the battery grip ($100+) it's even more than the Nikon.
$15 (Canon) Amazon | $84.95 (Nikon) B&H

Cotton Carrier
Many pro photographers like Cotton Carrier straps; they're generally quite comfortable and give the user a lot of options. It's made of nylon and neoprene so it's a bit more sweat/water resistant than the leather models but if you're getting that wet you might want to consider a plastic bag over your camera. This strap uses a rubber gasket base plate and an anodized hub to connect the to the camera's tripod socket.
$38.95 from B&H

Handy Dandy Strap
This snazzy strap is made from either sage or camel colored leather. It's reminiscent of classic camera straps so if you like that aged look this one will give it to you. The hand portion is well cushioned and connects to a modified tripod mount.
$40 from Photojojo

Dashing DIY Strap
If you're more into making your own or more price conscious than the above can provide there are lot of DIY methods. This one, from the makers of the Handy Dandy Strap, uses basic supplies from the hardware store to make a serviceable strap. While you likely won't find one as slick or well padded in the DIY arena as the commercially available ones, you won't find many cheaper either.
Instructions at Photojojo

How do you hold your camera?

(Images: Amazon, B&H and Photojojo)

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