A Renter's Garden: 5 Easy Indoor Succulent DIY Ideas

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It's no wonder succulents have been a popular plant choice for awhile. They are low maintenance and likely to thrive with a sunny window seat and sporadic watering. Check out this collection of ideas for displaying these pretty plants in your home.

Succulents are a versatile and sculptural option for your indoor garden, and they don't have to be pricey if you get creative. You can actually take a clipping from an existing plant, let it dry for a couple of weeks, and pot it to start growing a new succulent. Trade with friends and you'll have a diverse collection in no time.

1. The Living Succulent Wreath: Jamie takes you through the steps of making this luscious succulent wreath on the blog Prudent Baby. It's inexpensive to make and will live year round if positioned in a sunny place and occasionally spritzed with water.

2. The Hanging Succulent Garden: My sister and I made these macrame hangers for her bay window niche, hanging garden. They look stunning and Heather's instructions, from her blog Skinny Laminx, make the process very simple. We potted a variety of plants, but the succulents were the most successful, still thriving months down the road.

3: The Succulent Collector's Accessory Box: Carly's wooden carrier has been in the back of my mind since I photographed her apartment for her house tour last month. Using a found object, like this rustic wooden carrier, is a great way to house a collection of small succulents. Check out Lara's version of a succulent centerpiece using repurposed vintage beakers on her blog Kirin Notebook.

4. The Succulent Mantel Medley: A variety of plants and pots were used to create this gorgeous green mantel found on decorology. Combining white ceramic pots with gold and silver metallics makes a bold statement. The fireplace mantel is great place to add a little life, as long as it gets enough sun.

5. The Window Sill Succulent Collection: There's no better location for your succulent garden than a sunny window sill. With the backyard as a backdrop, these quaint little terra cotta pots and dynamic succulents really stand out. Check out the rest of Lyndsay and Fitzhugh's home on the The Selby.

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