Crafty Cable Management Using Everyday Household Items

Crafty Cable Management Using Everyday Household Items

Ambika Subramony
Aug 6, 2012

We post lots of tips for keeping your cables organized, but like most cleaning tasks, this one is best dealt with using multiple solutions. Combine our favorite DIY cable management techniques below and keep your cables organized and untangled for good, without spending a dime.

1. Bread Ties
Use bread tags to identify what each of your cables are for. You can even go as far as printing labels for the tags with a label maker, though writing on them with Sharpies works just fine, too.

2. Bike Tubes
Small portions of old bike tubes work much better than rubber bands for holding excess cable wire. Larger mountain bike tubes work a little better for this, but road bike tubes work fine, too. Chop up the tubes that have been punctured a few too many times to ride.

3. Binder Clips
Use binder clips at the edge of your workspace to keep cables from slipping away when your devices are unplugged. You don't have to use black ones--get colorful clips or silver clips to match your decor at places like Target.

4. Artwork
If cables still need to cross your desk, try hiding them with some propped up pieces of art and framed photos. This one will also save your walls from holes!

5. Use Color
In addition to labels, we also like to use different colored cables for different devices, like Jucies, a successfully funded Kickstarter which should soon be available as a purchasable solution. Color-coding is such a fast and easy way to visually distinguish a mess of cables. You can buy colorful cables for areas like your home theater for next to nothing at MonoPrice, or dye them yourself using this guide.

(Images: header, 1, 2, 4. Ambika Subramony, 3. David Bakker, 5. Jucies)

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