5 Essential Tools For Your Next Room Painting Project

5 Essential Tools For Your Next Room Painting Project

Laurie McGinley
Feb 9, 2012

Painting a room is something that most everyone has done or will do at some point. Here are five tools that will make your next painting project more successful.

House painting doesn't have to be difficult, messy or extraordinarily time consuming. One of my first jobs was as a professional house painter and I am fortunate to have learned from the pros. These five essential tools are always in my tool kit when we decide to paint the walls.

For Cutting In: The right brush
If you are using latex based paint, which I hope you are if you are painting a room, you'll want a good 2.5 inch cutting brush. I have used a Purdy brush very much like this one for several years and have been very happy with it. Idahopainters' video clearly explains good cutting in technique for this kind of brush.

For Rolling On: 5 gallon grid and a 5 gallon bucket
Rolling paint on walls with a 5 gallon grid and 5 gallon bucket is cleaner, easier and produces better results than using a roller tray. It is much easier to get paint evenly coated on the roller with a grid so it will be easier to get paint evenly coated on your walls.

For Dealing with Mistakes in the Moment: A damp rag
It is easiest to clean up painting mistakes right when they happen because if you wipe up wet paint you will be able to clean all of it off the surface. I always have a damp rag in my pocket to clean up door frames, window jams and floors that are the target of accidental over painting.

For a Hard to Reach Fix: Putty knife or five-in-one tool
You will inevitably get paint in a corner where you didn't want it and it is difficult to reach. Wrap your damp rag around a putty knife to cleanly remove any paint from the surface where it does not belong.

For Prep: Painter's tape
Even though I can confidently cut around every obstacle in a room, I always tape off the baseboards or the floor when I roll the walls. Rolling is messy and small flecks of paint get everywhere. Tape baseboards carefully to get a clean line of new paint and avoid over spray from the roller.


(Image: Flickr member anneh632 licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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