5 Favorite Wall Vases

Instead of getting glass put back in our empty frame after it broke, we decided to just hang it on the wall. A friend of ours suggested hanging a wall vase (or two) inside the empty frame and we were happy for the advice. Having fresh flowers in the bedroom is a luxury--and we love that our cat can't reach them.

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1. Pottery Barn, Simple Wall Mount Vase (Set of 2). We purchased these from Pottery Barn not less than a month ago and unfortunately they're no longer available. But we did spot an alternate vase on their website that is equally as fun.

2. Inmod, Chrysanthemum Wall Vase; $65 We like that the vase is just as showy as the flowers--without being visually overwhelming.

3. Chiasso, Lena Wall Vase; $24 Similar to our wall vases but the black adds a pop of color which works well in spaces that need a little oomph.

4. CB2, Beaker Glass Tube Wall Vase; $2.95 Perfect for the bathroom or a tiny nook, the simplicity of this beaker vase wins us over every time.

5. Post Road Vintage (Etsy), Mason Jar Hanging Vase; $9.95 (does not include wall mount). This wall vase has got coziness in spades (and the blue tint is icing on the cake).

(First image: Beth Zeigler)