5 Free Tech Accessories You Can Print at Home

Think you need to shell out cash for the latest tech accessories? Think again. If you're strapped on cash—or trying to go for handmade gifts this holiday season—here's a few free printable templates that turn paper and cardstock into bona fide gear.

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Julien Madérou's iPhone Dock
Not surprisingly, one of the easiest things to make from the sheets of paper at your desk is a cradle for your phone. This French industrial designer has perfected the paper iPhone dock (pictured at the top of the post) and shared his printable plan with you on his site.

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Geeky Gadgets' iPhone Dock
For the indecisive among us, here's another printable paper craft iPhone dock option. Just like the dock above, this one features a sleek wire management channel for your power cord.

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iPaperCraft's Photo iPod Skins
Customization is key with a device as ubiquitous as the iPod. Wrap yours (from any generation!) with a custom printable photo skin from iPaperCraft's easy form fill site. Just choose your model, upload a photo (or any JPEG file) and the site spits out a fold-and-cut ready PDF. This would be a great way to gift wrap an iPod, too.

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Windsurfer Parabolic Wifi Signal Booster
Is your WiFi signal seriously lacking? You might think you need some expensive equipment to get a boost, but you can actually see a serious jump in signal strength just by attaching these printable parabolic wings covered with a bit of aluminum foil.

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The LADIG Paper Flash Bounce Card
For the photographer, get crafty with this free template provided by the Los Angeles Digital Imaging Group. Instead of throwing down $20 on a bounce card for your flash, print this pattern and let a DIY bounce card do the trick.

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