(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

We're house sitting for friends starting next week. We'll be living in their house, taking care of their cats, for a full month. While they're off soaking up the sunshine in Florida, we're a bit nervous about being away from our own home for so long. But we're also looking forward to switching it up a bit...

Their house on the edge of the city is very different from our downtown apartment. While nothing's as good as home, there are a few things we look forward to as we step into their shoes for a while:

  • Cooking in their kitchen. It's roomier than our tiny kitchen and we're looking forward to spreading out bit and taking on some new cooking and baking projects.
  • Television. We don't have a TV at home, but we're looking forward to vegging in front of theirs (in moderation). We're most excited about watching the Oscars.
  • The kitties. They're precious members of our friends' family and they're warm and expressive. It's relaxing having them around, and we're looking forward to some quality time with them.
  • The quiet. The house is on a residential side street that's a far cry from our downtown street's 24/7 activity. While the location's not nearly as convenient as our own place, we can deal for a month.
  • "Test driving" a few of their home's design features. Namely, radiant floor heat in some rooms and cork tile flooring in the kitchen. We're interested in both of these elements and, after a month-long stay, we'll have a firm idea of whether we want to incorporate them into our own home in the future.

These things will make the job of house sitting as much a pleasant escape as a job. Do you have any house sitting experiences to share? Tell all in the comments section below. Drawings: Toothpaste for Dinner