With Valentine's Day less than a week away we've been thinking a lot about finding the perfect gift. Sure there is always chocolate, flowers, and ties, but what about something that is ideal for the geeky significant other? We might be a little impartial but we think that often the best gifts are the ones that are handmade, so it is with that in mind that we present these 10 great and geeky DIY gift ideas.

  • Screen Protector: Use a vintage thrift store find to make a screen protector extra special. Another option is to make your own TV test pattern inspired one by using different colored material.
  • Handmade Card: The unique thing about this card is that it is made from an old floppy disk...what a great way to display some subtle geek love!
  • LED Umbrella: Is your sweetie a fan of stargazing? Make them this LED umbrella perfect for rainy nights with the telescope.
  • Weighted Companion Cube Tissue Box: Break out the yarn to make this tissue box for the gaming geek in your life.
  • Atari-Inspired Lamp: This DIY project is made from a dead VCS (Video Computer System) and 10 Atari cartridges.

What are some great geeky Valentine's gifts you've made or received?