5 Great Bathroom Night Lights

If you're not into a toilet-night light, a more traditional version might be in order. Some models are motion activated, others can be toted around, but our favorites are built right into the wall and require very little hands on work to install!

Pictured Above, Left To Right
Oxo Candela Blue and Green Tooli Rechargeable Lights: These will always and forever be at the top of our list. Although they don't stay permanently in the bathroom, we like knowing our little ones can wake up and take one with them — being able to see the entire way! Take that dark hallways! $39.99 from Amazon

Leviton Glow Guide: We have these throughout our home and although their light is small, they're the perfect amount to guide the way without blinding us. They draw very little power and don't attract bugs! Bonus! $5.85 from Amazon.

GE 50723 Motion Sensing Light: This little nightlight doesn't stay on all the time and detects presence in the room chosen to light up. It's bright, but the light goes up and out as opposed to glaring at you from the other side of the room, casting a warm glow. $13.99 from Amazon.

Tamper Resistant Outlet: This nightlight is to help curb the curiosity in small children who like to unplug, replug and plug in new items to outlets. This wires in easily to any existing outlet, though you will need to buy a new outlet cover to fit. $21.99 from Home Depot.

Amerelle Lite-n-Up, Stick On Lite: This light stays off until needed, but is simple to tap on. Even if you have a nightlight up by your sink, you might require additional lighting near the toilet itself and this is a great way to achieve it. It runs on LED's so even if left on, you won't be putting batteries in these every 2 days. $7.87 from Home Depot.

Do you have a testimonial of any of the lights above? Or have a favorite that didn't make our list? Let us know in the comments below!

(Images: As Linked Above)

(Images: As Linked Above)