I’m lucky enough to have a home full of hand-knitted gifts made for me by friends and family. Blankets, pillows, bowls — the knitters I know are a generous bunch. These wonderful patterns for knitted home goods are tempting me to venture beyond the scarves and baby blankets I usually knit and return the favor.

In addition to being great gifts, hand-knitted home goods are ideal because they're customized to your tastes from the minute you pick out the yarn. Love the pattern but hate the colors shown? Not a problem — just pick out new colors. Can't find the right yarn? Go to the local yarn store, where they're sure to have good recommendations for a replacement. Plus, knitted goods often last years — you're less likely to swap out a blanket you made yourself for something trendy or inexpensive.

1. This gorgeous Outer Throw from Mac&Me could easily become a family heirloom. $7 for pattern at Webs.
2. This vase cozy, which can also cover a coffee press, would make a lovely housewarming gift. The pattern is free from Cocoknits.
3. The checks on this hot water bottle beg to be made in creative color combinations. The pattern is free from Blue Sky Alpacas.
4. Felted desk accessories are unexpected and modern. The pattern is $5 at Cocoknits.
5. Colorful, artsy Flower Power Blanket from Spud and Chloe. $7 for pattern only, $148 for kit at Jimmy Bean's Wool.